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Evenflo Castana

Perma Blend Luxe Pigment


Castana is a classic dark brown shade that can also be used as a mixing colour to darken brow shades.

Born out of Lulu Siciliano's passion for her craft, Evenflo Colours is a custom palette that leaves all guesswork aside, letting you focus on what's important - results. These pigments deliver natural-looking results instantly. All pigments have gone through gamma ray sterilization, are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

With a new, EU REACH compliant formula, artists can globalize their PMU experience and deliver consistent, healed results. Lulu Siciliano has created yet another essential pigment set for perfectionists like her. Relying on science and testing by top artists, Blonde 2 Brunette was designed as a pre-modified set for zero guesswork. The colour palette is appropriate for all Fitzpatrick skin types from 1-6 on the full range of blondes to brunettes to redheads.

Evenflo Colours worked the composition until the organic and inorganic pigments were balanced with the intention for the colour to fade to neutral tones. Mixture for use in tattoo or permanent make up. With a higher pigment load and no mixing necessary, use any of the four pigments straight with needle cartridges or with manual devices.

Higher pigment loaded pre-modified formula

Innovative proper hybrid formula

Soft & natural effects upon healing

Suitable for all Fitzpatrick skin types from 1-6

Easy to deposit into the skin

Can be used alone or mixed with other pigments


EU REACH is the European Union’s Registration, Evaluation, Authrorisation, & Restriction of Chemicals (REACH).

The EU has instilled changes to their rules and regulations regarding tattoo and PMU inks, including but not limited to the: manufacturing of pigments, quality of the raw products used in inks, and the sources of raw materials used.

Castana Evenflo brow pigment hybrid

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