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The Evenflo True Lips set, features 6 new colors ranging from deep, medium, and light pinks, to beautifully natural nude colors. The new, wide range of colors and EU REACH complaint formula allows artists to take on a whole new world of PMU.

Romance: Expressive pink with neutral undertone. Also suitable balancing dark/warm brown lip colors.

EU-Reach Compliant Formula

High pigment load for maximum color retention.

Formulated to prevent clogging in any size cartridge tip.

Combination of organic and iron oxides.

Reflects light and provides multi-dimensional color.


  • Perma Blend is a mix of Tattoo and PMU (Permanent Makeup) pigments that creates the best quality colors for PMU and Microblading. Manufactured in the USA by the world biggest tattoo ink manufacture, WORLD FAMOUS TATTOO INK. Colors that stay true! Perma Blend pigments are easy to apply, vegan, not tested on animals, sterile and organic. Certified under the European Union ResAP (2008).

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